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Roses Luxury.

Though my foodie title is still being earned – I am gonna say right now that I’ve eaten at the best restaurant in DC.   Well, for 2014 at least, and it’s only April!      I didn’t even realize that Roses Luxury was named Best Restaurant in DC until my friend told me during dinner.    A titled well deserved, too.  Not sure what it was, and don’t laugh, but I knew from using their bathroom that it was going to be a memorable experience in a good way.  Cleanest. Cutest. Bathroom. Ever.

photo 2

photo 1

Kinda weird, You can actually see down below to the first floor of the restaurant from the bathroom. While looking in the mirror, I was like – YIKES! But no one can see you. No worries.

Yes, I took pics.

The dishes on the menu might throw you off a bit because they are very unique in pairing. For instance, the “Pork sausage, habanero & lychee salad,” to which I was thinking uhhhhh – wait, wait, what? BUT, because I  am becoming more open minded – me and my friends decided to go with it as it was highly highly recommended.  Also, sidebar, Roses Luxury again is one of those places to come with at least one other person, based off a family style theme, the dishes are made for sharing.   So, do bring a couple of friends and enjoy….and I mean ENJOY!!  I’m keeping this post short and sweet because it really can be summed up in one word – excellent.  No fluff and not one bad remark.  Homey, cozy, restaurant with a confident menu.  I say confident because the menu is not extensive, which made me think, they must really know that they have all wining dishes.  As suggested by many reviewers, get there early because it does get packed fast and they don’t take reservations.

And on that note, I leave you with the photos I snapped  …

photo 4

My usual: Classic Lemon Drop. So good (slightly strong) but is that ever a bad thing? No 🙂 And I thought it was neat to serve it in this mini margarita type glass and not a typical martini….#winning

photo 2

Chicken fried oyster for the group. #umYum

photo 4

Pork sausage, Habanero and lychee salad before being mixed. It is advised to mix well and get a good scoop.

photo 5

Pork sausage, Habanero and lychee salad mixed. Unreal. UN REAL. Must try.

photo 1

photo 2

#pickled #brined fried chicken, honey and benne seeds. They automatically bring the hot sauce #winning

photo 3

Closer look at my smoked brisket, horseradish on white toast. #umYUM


Marco’s Gnocchi. Great!

photo 1

Loved how it said #SideOfAwesome on the receipt! Haha

photo 2

After dinner we stopped by #32Below a few doors down. #froyo #awesome. Yummy delight for the Scandal Finale!

* (Pictured in Thumbnail) – Started with warm, soft bread with a fluffy butter … can you ever go wrong with warm bread???!! No.

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