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Hellshire Beach, Jamaica

image_1 Mama, I made it! 

I first heard of Hellshire Beach last summer via Chef Roble’s Instagram (it’s cool). He posted lobster from Aunt Mays.  And I kept saying, I have to go next time I’m in Jamaica.  If I haven’t told you yet, my mom and family are from Jamaica.  So I kept bugging her about taking me next time we go (like oh, please please, mom!) yeah that kind of bugging.

I didn’t know the next time I would be visiting Jamaica – not at least – until I knew.  Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away right before Christmas 2013, and of course the whole family was going to support each other and pay our last respects to my beloved Grams.  At that point, Hellshire was the last thing on my mind.

The day after the funeral, to kind of lighten the mood, my cousins invited us out for a day at the beach.  It was extra special because my Grandfather decided to take the ride and get out for a little (he’s quite the adventurer,too).   So, as we made our way to the beach…..we pulled off into Hellshire Beach! As we are driving further into the compound to look for parking I saw the sign “Aunt Mays”!!!!!! I nearly lost it. This is were Chef Roble was! Aunt Mays is on Hellshire Beach! Let. Me. Out. The. Car. My cousin looked at me like seriously – get a grip on your life right now.

I snapped about a dozen selfies before going inside – I even tried to tag Chef Roble lol but yea, no wifi!

All I wanted to do was try the lobster.  It was a day to remember! Music, cool vibes, vendors, just gorgeous and peace – I love my peace.

What I liked about Hellshire is that you get to experience the beauty of Jamaica – outside of a resort.  It was the ultimate mashup of locals and tourists – having a good time.

Enjoy the pics.

An access point to the beach before you actually drive into Hellshire’s main entrance.


Aunt Merls – another seafood beachfront restaurant. Next time I want to eat here!


Beachfront view while eating at Aunt Mays


Oh ya know, just horseback riding on the beach. #crossesoffbucketlist

photo 1

#umyum Aunt May’s!

photo 3

Jamaican Lobster. SO GOOD!!!


Grilled Jaimaican Lobster!


#umYUM Fried fish.

P.S.  Hellshire Beach, Jamaica, is located near Portmore, and famed for its fried fish and safe swimming. It has near white sands with a very small trace of black sand. (Wikipedia)

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