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Gastro Bar Stamford, CT

November 14, 2015

Another day, Another dinner.

So, this past Saturday I met up with some friends for dinner while out of town ( + my uber young Uncle).   Through some research, and thanks to  apps like Yelp and Open Table, I decided Gastro’s in Stamford, CT would be a good spot.  It looked like a good place to sit and talk, and have a nice dinner.  And that it was. 

As a bonus we ended up there dining with small wedding party for their reception at the restaurant, too. Oh, and they had entertainment, so by extension, their entertainment was ours. All I remember was huge headpieces, drums and thongs. * monkey with hands over eyes emoji*

I’m like wait, is this a restaurant or upscale strip club? LOL


Here’s my recap:


Nicely lit. More on the dim side but not dark (does that make sense?). Very good vibes and atmosphere.

Dress code





Very Attentive Staff. 


Parking is available on first come first serve out front. There is a huge parking garage behind the restaurant. Very short walk to/from.

We arrived by 8:15 PM. Parking was only $3.

Metro accessible

Stamford metro is a few blocks away. If the day is nice, not a bad walk I imagine.

A cab would be an option also.


78 W Park Pl, Stamford, CT 06901

What I ordered

Surf & Turf, Chocolate Lava Cake, Glass of Chardonnay

Extra Stuff

I liked how they held my 8 PM Reservation until at least 8:30PM. I Did, I did arrive kinda late.

“1-2-3” menu options are available. (My coworker introduced me to this term.) Basically it means that you can get a standard protein, starch and vegetable plate option.

Until our next dinner date,


check me out on IG: @iab365 (#bloomfoodiechronicles or #bloomchronicles)

If you’re ever in CT, I definitely recommend checking it out.

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