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Man Weaves

Hold the phone!

Ok, so the other day I saw a few memes and articles going around on Facebook about man weaves. No freakin’ way I thought. But Just Google it.   I gotta say, I’m a bit torn and this is purely coming from the standpoint of me + dating. Like, what if I see/meet a cute guy and he has one? Is it any different that him meeting me and I have a woman weave?  I mean I’m all about doing what you have to do within reason to feel confident about yourself but… ya know… there’s a line. (a fine _______________ )

 I think this is a definite deal breaker for me. I was even trying to group man weaves with toupees but — no.  Hey, I’m already letting the man bun slide a little because I saw some ultra fine men wearing them – BUT that’s it.

Even though IDK now after seeing this Groupon on man buns for $10 lol…

*Queue Tangent* I gotta say It’s becoming very hard for single women like me to date nowadays. Or is it even me? Maybe it’s me (naaahhhhhhh I’m a unicorn). I mean I’m sure men who are equally serious about dating and finding a partner have their qualms, too. And ok, women, weaves and make up (to the point they look like totally different people without those things) are real fears for men.  I get it.

So I guess I’m giving guys that I date from now on a pass to ask me if I’m wearing a weave or not because – after seeing these man weave posts- dammit! I’m going to ask YOU.  It’s over. I’m askin’.

….probably even before the first date.  

Too much?

Too much. 

Ok maybe I’ll way until I feel suspicious.

Lord help me.
*Now adding “Do you or have you ever worn a man weave…?”*To my list of questions after …. “Have you ever been with a man?”

Too much?

I think I’m serious.

Hey, men have asked me if I’ve ever been with a woman in some sort of fantasy type way for him – so I’m asking, too. Except mines is more like fear than fantasy. I needs to know.

Drops my mic.

Ah forget it.

*looks up numbers for sperm banks*

*End Tangent*

… Yikes!


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Hi! My name is Cheryl but my friends call me Bloom. I'm a true, old soul millennial who decided to start a blog about becoming an adult, a woman, foodie and dating. I love self help books, oldies and talking to people about life. I like to laugh and tell jokes. I like to buy "sh!t" as my dad says that I usually don't need but what girl doesn't?! Thanks for stopping by. Come back any time.

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