Shoutout to the DRP

Shoutout to the DRP


Back with another food post for yooouuuuu!

This Saturday I checked out a new place that came highly recommended by a coworker called DRP (Del Ray Pizzeria),  in a little area within Alexandria, VA called Del Ray.

First, I’d just like to say that I was very productive this past Saturday ( I hate”adulting” (as in being a real grown up) but when I do, I gotta admit I feel on top of things in my life.)  Anyways, after getting an oil change, I was hungry of course, and the day was still young, so in my car I drove until a nudge came about to check out Del Ray. 

I put the address in my GPS (2218 Mt. Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA.) and off I went. 

As I turned down E. Custis Street, I kinda felt like ohhh no, my GPS [dun] set me up again. Ugh.

But I was kinda OK with that because the neighborhood was cute.

Finally I got to the last stop sign, made a right, and *queue haaaaaaaaaaaaa (in my angelic choir voice*   DELLLLL RAYYYYY! 

Since Saturday was such a nice day, I walked the entire strip to see what else was there before going to DRP. My coworker also told me about: the two other restaurants, kaiZen and Stomping Ground, but there were soo many other cute places. 

Enters DRP.

I sat at the bar per usual when it’s just  me, ’cause, that’s just what I do. I ordered calamari and a Coke. And I was full. But I couldn’t leave a pizza place without trying the pizza so – I ordered a pie to go to share with the ‘rents. 

I ordered an, “On The Bright Side,” white pizza with pan crust.

My parents LOVED it!!!  The ONLY thing I would change for next time is getting thin crust. The pan was a little too thick for me but the flavors were delish! 

After words I debated between grabbing an iced coffee from St. Elmo’s Coffee Bar right across the street or a frozen custard from The Dairy Godmother also nearby.

If you haven’t already gathered, ice cream always wins. 

And that was about it for my Saturdayyyy.

Snapped some pics for ya.

On The Bright Side pizza
Treat of the Day. Pudding cake with a scoop of vanilla custard


Until I eat again, 



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