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Ginger + Turmeric + Honey

When life gives you a tummy ache and knee pain at 31, hit the quan!

Ok, no, but do make some ginger, tumeric and honey tea. I’m NOT kidding. Do it.

And you’re welcome in advance (but please consult your doctor because that’s what the commercials say to do).

This isn’t a long post but I just had to share it with you guys because I heart you.

I’ve been drinking ginger tea for years thanks to my Jamaican side of the family who immediately makes this for me simply at the mention of “any kind of stomach ailment” – literally! And it works. But, ginger has a ton of other benefits too -so use away.   I pretty much only use fresh ginger from Whole Foods or such but sometimes I’m not always able to get my hands on fresh ginger so I finally picked up some 100% ginger tea bags last weekend and I must say, so far so good.

I also picked up some organic tumeric from Whole Foods too but I’m sure you can get both online as well. I’ll be checking other places online after I finish this bottle. Tumeric is good for inflammation and pain.  You do have to take it consistently to feel its benefits but I can honestly say it works.  I read an article (will share later) that stated tumeric is known to have the same benefits as anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen or Motrin but it’s so much healthier for you! So I said , bump that! It’s worth a try since NSAIDs are so harsh on your stomach smh.  I used tumeric to help treat my mild case of sciatica and knee pain over the summer after declining steroids.

Tonight I made a cup of tea just cause. It’s one of my favorite tea combinations.

Oh, and a hint of honey just makes almost any cup of tea better. Right?

Let me know if you try it. Comment below.

Here’s my quick recipe

  1. Cut up about 5-6 slices medium sized slices of fresh ginger (or use one tea bag); wash, smash and drop into cup
  2. Sprinkle a dusting of tumeric over the ginger or bottom of cup, if using a bag
  3. Add boiling hot water ( I usually only add about half cup because I like my tea potent). You may have to adjust accordingly to your liking
  4. Ginger tea is better the longer it steeps and with fresh ginger – placing another cup or small saucer* over your cup for a few minutes really enhances the full flavor
  5. Enjoy!!

* this is what my family does so I do it too.

I will post step-by-step pictures later when I update this post.

Good night! (Well, I’m not going to bed yet, are you?)


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