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 Sometimes people can take things too far and too literally.

One of those people happens to be my dad.

He recently went to Jamaica to visit my grandfather and before he left I asked him (as usual) to bring me back something [GOOD] [and expensive].

He said, “Anything? What you want a man, or like, a hat?”

“I said no just Blue Mountain Coffee…”

“Oh how much does that cost…?”

“I don’t know, dad, probably not that that much…?”

“We’ll see…hold the fort down.”

[Fast Forward a week later]

When we got back to the house from the airport, we were catching up, and he said, “Oh! Gotcha something’!”


My man pulls out this red thing, nicely folded, in a plastic wrapper.

Really? The blanket they give you on Delta?!

He gives me the blanket, takes a sip of his coffee, and asks how my week was without him and mom. Like this was acceptable.

I just grabbed my blanket (that probably bleeds and runs) and went home.


The Sarge does trip sometimes. Just so you know.



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Hi! My name is Cheryl but my friends call me Bloom. I'm a true, old soul millennial who decided to start a blog about becoming an adult, a woman, foodie and dating. I love self help books, oldies and talking to people about life. I like to laugh and tell jokes. I like to buy "sh!t" as my dad says that I usually don't need but what girl doesn't?! Thanks for stopping by. Come back any time.

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