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Toki Underground

So I’ll keep it all the way real with  you guys at this point. I invite myself to stuff. And I kinda won’t feel bad unless you of course tell me, no.  Like if you said you want to go to WTF (Woodward Takeout Food) – I’d say “Oh I’m going *side eye emoji eyeballs*

I mean, you guys know I’m all for going to places by myself I’m the Guru Masterdater BUT some things are more fun with company.

And such was the case for my Toki Underground experience.   I was at happy hour with some coworkers last week when one of my coworkers mentioned that they planned to go to Toki. Queue my foodie impulsiveness, “Oh, I’m going!”…. ” I mean, if that’s cool and all…”  Not really sure if he wanted me to tag along BUT hey – I had already started makin’ plans LOL. Which ramen, Yelp reviews, chopstick practice, you name it.   After all, a girl’s gotta be prepared.

Made a 5:15 PM reservation but we were a little late due to the H St. Street car.  It was definitely worth the late [get it? The late (the wait) no?].  

There’s a good chance that had it not been for the lady on the Streetcar who told us that there is no actual sign for Toki Underground, it’s just their symbol on their door and it’s shared with a placed called The Pug (stay to the left and go up the stairs), I would’ve missed it. 

Walking into Toki, it automatically gives off an undergroundish feel – street food style. It’s dim/dark but not scary. If it was scary, I’d leave.  It’s definitely narrow and the seating is tight – but if you’re a true foodie and don’t mind people – you won’t care and honestly, the food is THAT good. You won’t care. 

The bathroom is small and it locks with a chain. And once I latched the chain I looked around and thought – um where am I gonna wash my hands though?!  Hol’up, did I pass the sink – or – are they going to hand me the hot white towel? I’m confused.  I need soap and water. And I need to wash my hands.

The sink you guys, is like this black hole you stick your hands in and the water comes on. Not kidding. Very cool. And I totally walked right by it.

Anywho, snapped a few pictures of my time at Toki. Enjoy!

H St. Street Car!


The Choppies


Fried Chicken Steamed Buns




Pork Dumplings



Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Red Miso Buttercream! #umyum

Until next time, eat good food and have great conversations!


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