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Alter Ego

Whoever I want to be, I become.  I change with the weather.   I like the bad boys.  I require a certain level of fire.  I like my bourbon neat and my music chopped and screwed.  I love old school cars with two 15s, red pumps and eff bombs.   I’m always curious and sometimes my thoughts would make my momma want to pray for me. Right Then, Right There.

Most of the time – most people know me as the good girl.  The girl on the straight and narrow.  Honor Societies and Master Degrees. That kind of stuff.

I’m the book you want to read but good luck getting your hands on a copy.  I’m only available in limited quantities.  A book mixed with pictures and large font but I’m a hard read. Available only at certain stores.  Never online.  Only written in one language:   Cheryl.

I’m Me by day and Cheryl by night.

My alter ego is Enigma.



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Hi! My name is Cheryl but my friends call me Bloom. I'm a true, old soul millennial who decided to start a blog about becoming an adult, a woman, foodie and dating. I love self help books, oldies and talking to people about life. I like to laugh and tell jokes. I like to buy "sh!t" as my dad says that I usually don't need but what girl doesn't?! Thanks for stopping by. Come back any time.

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