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My First Q&A

I’m extreeeeemmmeelllyyy excited to kick off this About Me Series. I toyed with the idea of doing a little Q&A for a couple of months now, and after receiving some questions from readers who wanted to know more about me and my blog, I thought ok. Maybe I should.  

But first, let me take a selfie. Just kidding.



Sike. I did. You knew I was.

Hey there.


Q: How Did I Get The Name Bloom? [And why did I start blogging?]

A:  The short answer? My grad school buddies.

They were actually the first  to call me Bloom.  When I started grad school at Bowie State University in 2008, the whole concept of “bloom-anything” was still very new.  But I think the consensus was they somehow thought it was my last name?? because my email address at the time was Over the next two and a half years, they called me Bloom faithfully, and the name kind of stuck.  (They still call me that today like it’s my real name).  I Still Like It 🙂 Gives me all the feels.

But before I got the name. I just had a concept.

After graduating from undergrad in 2006 – I went through the worst transition over the next six months. I don’t know who, what, when, where or why come but I wasn’t ready for the “real world” though it was waiting for me. Unprepared. That’s the word. Even getting my first job didn’t make that uneasy feeling go away.  All the things  that were getting thrown at me were overwhelming to say the least. Like, was I expected to know this? Fax what? Do what?  Write what? What memo?  [I can be a perfectionist at times which I’m also working on but  – I just did not like not knowing what to do or how to do it].    That’s when I started to journal, and collect answers and advice.  I essentially wanted to create something to fill in the gaps of information that I didn’t receive in college.  A Life Manual.  That was my promise. Everything I wanted to know or learn, I was going to seek experiences or talk to people and  write about it. Personally and Professionally.

Why Bloom?

I was looking for a word that I liked in the dictionary that was synonymous with growth. I started *scrolling scrolling scrolling through Webster and – Whoop. There it was: /blo͞om/.*  Not only was it a catchy word to me, but it fit my mission.  Though I’ve adopted it as my blogger name, it was initially based off of two verb definitions:

  1. to make bloom or cause to flourish; 

and subsequently, the word flourish.

    2. to reach a height of development; to achieve success.

Fast foward.

When I launched my blog in late 2015, I realized, that’s it! I’m Bloom! I’m still trying to

  • Reach my level(s) of development, better known as goals;
  • Achieve success in various areas of my life;
  • Find my balance;
  • Get a life;
  • Become an unawkward dater; and all of that.

Basically, all the stuff I vent about in my journal.    Frustrations, Fears, Career, Love, Flaws, Finances, adulting type stuff.  I’m always trying to better myself, 365 days of the year, everyday, and I know you guys are too.  I actively practice how to love myself a little better, assert myself a little more at work, learn from mentors, and raise my sense of self-worth, self-reliance, self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem.

I wouldn’t be were I am at 33 if there weren’t for other lifestyle bloggers, magazines, Oprah :), life coaches, and self help books to offer answers to my questions or advice following my shit shows of breakups.  So my blog is absolutely me sharing my passion of writing, and personal journey of accomplishing my goals while paying it forward to maybe inspire, empower or entertain you.  

I truly believe that my whole idea and implementation of bloom is a lifestyle.  It’s not a one time thing.  It’s a way of life for me. One that I hope others adopt on their own or incorporate in some way. 

So in short, bloom is a noun and a verb.

But even more than that, it’s my connection to you. 



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Hi! My name is Cheryl but my friends call me Bloom. I'm a true, old soul millennial who decided to start a blog about becoming an adult, a woman, foodie and dating. I love self help books, oldies and talking to people about life. I like to laugh and tell jokes. I like to buy "sh!t" as my dad says that I usually don't need but what girl doesn't?! Thanks for stopping by. Come back any time.

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