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There’s A Whole Flower In My Lipstick!

Usually that’s how it happens.

There I am minding my own business, scrolling my Instagram feed or reading my favorite blogs to keep me updated on what’s new and now (shoutout to Refinery29 and The Zoe Report), and boom! O-M-G! What is this?!

Off goes that little voice in my head that says something similar to life is short, buy the shoes, except this particular time-the voice said forget cute! There’s a whole flower in the damn lipstick!

Is that a chrysanthemum?!

It is. A real one.

Annnddd, how did I not know about Winky Lux?!! Winky who?

Ordering their Flower Balm lipstick was an easy buy. It sells itself. Then I saw their Matcha Lip Balm *also added to cart* I mean I can’t just buy one thing right?


I know myself. As the title of this section on my blog admittedly says – I’m well aware that I buy stuff that I really don’t need just because it’s cute. This purchase is filed as such.

The cool thing that I did read was that the Flower Balm lipstick apparently changes to a custom shade of pink based on your own pH. Truuuueeee!

I’ll update this post once I try it.

Here’s what I will say. Though I’m not too familiar with the Winky Lux brand, I can tell they’re all about aesthetics and packaging-which I appreciate. They nail it. Every moment of the unboxing made me happy lol. I think I teared up. And TBH, I was not expecting anything other than cool products to have just ’cause. For their price point of $16-ish 😬, yikes (I know, I knowwwww but I did use a discount code so that counts) one might expect a lot but eh. I personally didn’t. We’ll see though.

They smell really good too. Geeked!

After I opened the box today I HAD to post them and show you guys ASAP!

So for now. Hope you enjoy the pics!

I know. I knooooww. Cute, right?!

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