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I can explain.

Now, before you just up and yell at me for poppin’ up out the blue. For realz.

I can explain.


This is me marking myself safe and sound, during ‘rona.


First, I hope you all are doing well. Safe, masking, hand sanitizing, enforcing all 6 ft. of social distancing, 8 if someone is coughing – and all that other CDC stuff. Continuing to listen to Dr. Fauci. Oh, and not ingesting damn disinfectants.

Ok, back to me explaining. I have been pro-cras-ti-nating. I do apologize, guys. 2019 was a whirlwind. If I have to sum it up  – I was trying to calm the waters.

I haven’t blogged one word – since last year – shameful but, what better time to check in and talk to you guys – than now? I’m not doin’ nothin’. Neither are you — except moving your mouse over and to the bottom right corner of this page, entering your email address in the box, and hitting follow to like and subscribe to my blog 😊. Too kind. Thanks!

So —–

What has this last year been for me – based on my 2019 New Year, No Resolution post?

A – fuggin’ – lot.

How can I make this – short, sweet, and to the point – so that you will actually read – all the way to end – and not lie to me like my friend Enoch – saying “yeah, it’s good…” (no tea, no shade, E.)?????

I can’t.

But I’ll try.

As I’ve said, every year, I pretty much set the same goals. And sure, they might be a little remixed but for the most part, they are your typical life, health, career goals. Likkkee –

  1. “I have to get my life together and get healthier because I don’t want to get diabeetus and high blood pressure”;
    1. [UPDATE #1]: Boooooooommmmm – ya girl started 2019 with some pre-hypertension ya’ll. OMG at 34. I sat in my doctor’s office with my eyes closed as she read my results – just like I always do. Two numbers. The whole world ends.   She was not playing with me  nor was she particularly smiling – and I was not going on medication.  – SHOUT OUT to the BEST Dr. in PG County/Montgomery County, Maryland — I will follow you where ever you go. Queue Kirk Franklin’s, “My lifeee iss inn yourrr hannddsss.” Before I move to goal # 2. I have to say: Please take care of yourself. Age does not exempt you from anything.
  2. “I have to lose ~25-30 lbs, I used to be so in shape!!”;
    1. [Update # 2] SO yeah. Second shout out goes to my forever locker mate – Terri – pronounced Terri. She got the strangest conviction from the Lord to drag me to CrossFit right after we turned 35 in March 2019. I was against it the whole way – even though –– I needed to take my ass to CrossFit. So, we went. And struggled and died and struggled. And went to get tortured by Coach T on Saturdays @ 7 AM – And fell in love with it – and in 6 weeks – lost 23 lbs. ok, 7 weeks. Hay, girl hayyyyy.   Still have about 15 more lbs to lose and tone – but I’m pretty proud of myself for the following reasons:
        1. Sticking with Crossfit for the last year. It’s more than just about weight loss. It has become a lifestyle. It has changed my attitude and calmed me down so much. Really, it’s changed my life. There’s no going back to being sedentary (well except Sundays) mark my words. Now, my butt did not get big(ger) and my abs – are still saying eff you – but we are working on getting back together soon. So – let’s see what I’m looking like by August 2020.
        2. Losing 23 lbs so far has dramatically affected update # 1-my blood pressure is now normal – like 117/116 over 76 normal. I’ll take it. And I don’t have diabeetus – now as for my cholesterol – well – we not gon’ talk about her right now. She’s ok. Elevated but monitored. Oatmeal and Omegas – come thruuuuu.

The point here is, you can change your life in one year. Commit. I’m human, and trust me, I get lazy but I believe the phrase is opportunity cost.

3. “I want to get better about my finances, and save for the proverbial rainy day or in case my refrigerator dies like my Dad says”;

          1. [Update #3] – Wait, did I say I was tryin’ to save money? Whheettt??? Sike. So, let’s move on because I didn’t save not even $5 last year. Not even $3. Pray for me at alter call on Sunday. Imma get my life. Promisseeee…and I think it’s worth mentioning that I am saving money now due to not being able to go to happy hours so – that’s progress.



4. “Maybe I’ll start dating a-gain. Followed by my friend and I toasting over happy hour cocktails agreeing we will try (as said in years 2015, 2017 and 2018)”;

[Update #4]  – Well. I mean, if you add o + h +o + k + a + y together-what does that equal?

—–and finally

5. “I want to get serious about my career and doing what I love for a living.”

[Update #5] MOOOOVVIINNG TF ON. Sike. I’m just messin’.

Well the good news. I got a new job last February. As a Senior Consultant. Fancy, right? Nah. Not really. Lol. But prayer does work.

I can’t really go into details on this platform as far as HOW the job is going  because I needs my job and the feds is watchin’. Nah’mean?!

But I did learn a lot about myself in the last year which aligns with my career goal I guess. I became tougher – getting yelled at will do that to you. I developed thick skin (ish) – I’m still working on biting my tongue. Pray for me guys. God ain’t thru with me yet.

I learned how to assert myself. I learned how to be a leader. I learned how to negotiate and speak up for what I need and how MUCH I need. But most of all, I learned confidence. In what I know, and what I don’t know. And to just show up and do my best. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a great team – and we learned to play to each other’s strengths. Not about competition but simply getting things done. So that we could get to the business of figuring out more important things like, what do we love? Purpose. And of course, where are we goin’ for happy hour? DUH.

And side note – All things Bloom, That’s what I love.

As far as New Year 2020. Well, shit. I turned 36 – went to NOLA in the midst of the Corona outbreak with my sista-frans. Sent my family into an all-out panic (I’m not even goin’ lie – I was scared too lol.)

Came back and went straight in the house and now ~ 50 days later I’m still in the house just like you. Putting on fake eye lashes just to go sit at my desk and log on to fifty million work meetings with the video OFF lol cause – yeah – social distancing.

 Andddddd, I think that covers it for my life update.

My goals for this year are just to continue becoming a better me. Focusing on my health, trying to lose my last stubborn 15 lbs – avoiding Terri because she’s making me go run *side eye*. I told her I been riding my bike but clearly that’s not enough.

Jokes aside – my goal is always peace. Balance. Self-love and strengthening my mind. Supporting everyone around me and always trying to be a light and not a hinderance.

Still having random dance parties in my living room.

Forever surrounding myself with good people that make me laugh, think, be myself and pick me up on my worst days. Love my family and friends.

To those I talk to daily, you have no idea how you lift my spirit and bring pure joy and laughter to my life – thank you. Stop avoiding my calls.

My continuous prayer is God’s protection and direction over my life. Strength, courage, wisdom and understanding. Less control and more faith.

And with that – let me know what you are watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, all that! Drop a comment below.

Forever and always,



oh and wait. I did do a couple cool things so far this year.

Went to Jamaica to see my Grandfather in January  🙂


annnddd I saw OPRAHHHHHHHHHH and MICHELLE OBAMA!! I’ll be back with a pic in one sec!



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  1. Terri says

    Well welll welll… this terri friend sounds perfect!! I need someone like her in my life

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