Hi, I’m Cheryl but my friends call me IMG_5199™. I created this blog to document moments worth sharing in my quirky life series of “blooming” into adulthood and womanhood – all with a dose of funny.  My blog is absolutely my coming of age journey. It’s the process. Sharing my stories of becoming my true self and learning how life works. I’m not here to dictate or proclaim expertise as a lifestyle guru (at least not yet) but right now, I’m just trying to figure it out myself.   Things like: What’s my style?  What makes me happy? How to create a life of my own. What I read and what do I do when I’m having a bad day.  Who do I talk to when I need advice?  I want to share this with you. I see my blog growing as I do and that’s kinda the point.

I try to keep my complaining in life to an all time low but be prepared to hear occasional rants where I express my sheer discontent with the current state of love & relationships & dating, “adulting”, making student loan payments and badly seasoned food.

Now that I’m in my 30s, I’m starting to fine tune my life and solidify my style.  I’m learning to be consistent with personal affairs, tune into self-awareness, and embrace life one day at a time. Maybe I’m trying to make sure I avoid a midlife crisis. Beeccaaauuusseeee ain’t nobody got time for that!


Welcome to my world.

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Some Fun Facts About Me:

  • I’m an only child.
  • Military Brat.
  • I’m a foodie.
  • I love oldies.
  • I’m learning to cook (for other people).
  • Oprah Fanatic.
  • Choco-holic.
  • Happy Hour is the only hour.
  • I got a thang for brisket and brunches.
  • My style is simple; basic but classic. I love all the trends but I’m all about classic chic looks.
  • I like to impersonate people.
  • Favorite Shows Right Now: Grey’s Anatomy, Blindspot, Quantico, Blacklist, Being Mary Jane & Homeland.
  • I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Fairfield University and Master’s Degree from Bowie  State University.
  • Laugter is my therapy.
  • I Read Mostly Self-Help and Relationships books. No, I’m lying that’s all I read. Stuff like “It’s called a breakup because it’s broken” or “4-Hour Work Week” and “Linchpin.”
  • My favorite things to talk about are relationships, SKINCARE, life, how to better yourself and food.
  • My family and friends think I’m a hypebeast. (Maybe I am but I looked at the definition – I think it’s a bit harsh 😒😒)
  • My parents are a real life sitcom of a couple that’s been married for 35 yrs.
  • My dad’s nickname is The Sarge. We talk at least 3 times a day. We have the most bizarre, awkward, funniest but realest father/daughter conversations ever. Look out for those posts!! 





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