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Note to Self #3

Pay attention to what life is teaching you and where it’s taking you. If you were to tell me that I would survive some of the toughest emotional trials over the last 10 years – I’d tell you – nah, I’m not. I’m not that strong. Not someone breaking my heart. Not feeling like you might lose a parent.  Not defeat. Without a doubt I would tell my younger self, “Girllllll, if you don’t get yourself up off of that floor and assume total control of  your life – which absolutely includes your  happiness.” No one can take that away from you – and you should never put anything worth losing in the hands of someone else – particularly not your worth, happiness, finances and growth. That’s personal. As 2016 ended, I stumbled across a term that I am now fully implementing into my life. Like, aggressively applying to my life daily . Right now. Self-Reliance. I’m a total believer in developing  your (self-) Self-awareness Self-esteem Self-worth I just now, at 32, started to tell myself …

Note To Self #2

I don’t say sorry as much, only when necessary. I don’t bite my tongue as much, only if I feel like I’m going to hurt you more than help you. I don’t accept bad behavior, only because there’s no excuse I can make for it anymore, and I don’t take anything for granted only because God has shown me that life can change literally in 24 hours. Cheers to 2017. You can’t have a happy new year living old ways. #bloomchronicles #myquirkylifeseries

Self-Sabotage. Not Cool.

Late last year I started to write little notes to myself on Post Its and place them in my journal or on my headboard in my room – usually when I notice a theme or pattern that I want to break or want to continue to embrace – I have to constantly remind myself with messages.   Self-Sabotage is one that kinda hit me the other day.  I noticed after an opportunity was presented to me on New Years day,  I immediately welcomed doubt and tried to talk myself out of it.  Um, what’s that all about?!  I’ll have you know, I am infamous for disrupting my own peace partially because I think I’m used to some sort of anxiety and chaos.  Then I thought, wait, that makes no damn sense.  You pray for peace, get it, and reject it. Girl, get your life. So now I am proactively welcoming and maintaining my states of peace and understanding that calmness is the constant I need, chaos is not.  Self-sabotage (as defined below). It’s bad for you. Don’t …