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Day 4: Voices Carry

Usually when I know better but do otherwise, the voices carry When I don’t say what I should’ve.  Voices carry as scars As abuse As blows As sharp tongues cutting straight at the heart. For the opportunities I didn’t take advantage of Voice carry as a haunting regret. They used to hold me back. Keep me stuck. Keep me self-sabatoging. I’ve since learned to only listen to the voices that carry me more into myself. Into my truth. That speak life That keep me going Voices that carry my lineage My grandmothers My mother My father Age comes with a strict filter. To only allow my voice to carry me forward on my own terms. Voices only carry me in love nowadays.     FYI- In case I didn’t let you guys know, I’ve joined another writing challenge titled: #whensilencespeaks (20 days). Let’s see how it goes!!!    

02.02.17: wake up show up 

To wake up is a blessing I give thanks daily  When my feet touch the floor My mission for the day begins: to bloom To be unapologetically me To show up and be present  And open the gifts of the day Unpredictable  Perhaps bizarre; random but not To engage in  Laughter Love Conversations  Connections Candid subtleties #whensilencespeaks

A Different World

It’s a different world right now than what I envisioned With every new day, it seems that we go back to old ways Many have interjected and reminded me that we have come far from where we were – and I will agree But even in that moment of realization, I can’t help but think we should be so much further We could do so much better We would actually be great I can’t help but question and wonder, what as a people, are we afraid of? Why can’t we embrace our differences but understand we are one Why can’t we do what’s right instead of what is easy? Why can’t we empower each other instead of glorifying power? Why can’t we live in peace instead of setting it as a goal? Why can’t we be love and practice empathy instead embracing fear or saying “hope things work out for you real soon”? Real change requires vulnerability, courage and selflessness                              Money in …

Use Me

Use Me In A Good Way Don’t do the things you know will break me Recognize opportunities where you can destroy me but don’t Allow me to let down my guard and open up to you Don’t see my weak spots and exploit me, or take from me, for your personal gain Use Me In A Good Way To help you, love you, support you, show affection – let’s be love Let me do what I do best – lift you up. Let’s reciprocate positive ways to use each other: maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses Use Me In  A Good Way or Leave Me Alone #30Days30Layers (Entry from November 23)

Pillow Talk

…usually what I consider to be some of the best parts of my relationships.  Where guards have been down, minds were open, eyes were locked, and hearts were engaged. …vulnerability at best Sometimes I still speak as if you were there Sometimes I still see you laying next to me on the other pillow Sometimes I speak to the future man that will lay there forever (like the whole married thing) Sometimes I speak to myself Sometimes I rehearse or repeat what I should say or should’ve said My pillows have wiped many tears and been on the receiving end of a couple of blows but if my pillow could talk it would tell me everything is going to be ok Entry from Nov 22 of my #30Layers30Days Writing Challenge