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Shoutout to the DRP

  Back with another food post for yooouuuuu! This Saturday I checked out a new place that came highly recommended by a coworker called DRP (Del Ray Pizzeria),  in a little area within Alexandria, VA called Del Ray. First, I’d just like to say that I was very productive this past Saturday ( I hate”adulting” (as in being a real grown up) but when I do, I gotta admit I feel on top of things in my life.)  Anyways, after getting an oil change, I was hungry of course, and the day was still young, so in my car I drove until a nudge came about to check out Del Ray.  I put the address in my GPS (2218 Mt. Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA.) and off I went.  As I turned down E. Custis Street, I kinda felt like ohhh no, my GPS [dun] set me up again. Ugh. But I was kinda OK with that because the neighborhood was cute. Finally I got to the last stop sign, made a right, and *queue haaaaaaaaaaaaa (in …

Co Co. Sala

There’s nothing better than chocolate. I’m convinced of that.   Well, wait, there’s nothing better than a happy hour serving chocolate.  So of course when you find a place that mashes up the two, it’s heaven’s music to my ear.   Co Co. Sala is one of those places that I have passed by soooo many times but never went to. I thought about having my 30th birthday at but never got around to making that plan happen either.  I figured, more than likely it was going to be one of those places I tried by myself.    *Queue slight tangent, but go with me here*   This year I discovered the word Masterdate (which means going out to a movie or restaurant alone – I’m not kidding, click here). I think I’ve all but mastered masterdating in 2015. *Checks that off my #bucketlist*. I’ve learned  that if you wait on people to do things, chances are you may not go anywhere – and I’m just over all of that.  You know what I’m saying? Like more and …

Summer + Gelato 

“When I reminisce over you, my God.” Summer I miss you.  Let’s see, what do I want to talk about in this post?! Gelato is pretty self explanatory and needs no introduction. It’s just My friend Nicole introduced me to gelato a few years ago while she was visiting DC, and I’ve been hooked ever since!  I thought about naming this post something like “the battle of the gelatos” but that sounded corny in my head. So I opted against that.