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Bon Chonnnnnnnnn

Ok, so first of all, Bon Chon is all of that (and a bag a chips). Yes, I used the old school sayin’ – but I gotta say, this experience was not all that and a bag of chips 😦 It was just three sliders And I did it to myself. I got sliders at Bon Chon. Whoooo does that?! Don’t do that. Ever. Everyone and their mama knows that you go there for the wings or tenders.  It’s just what you do. But nooooo, I had to try something different. Like, yeah let me try the sliders. Smh. Epic fail. And, don’t get me wrong, they were cool but I found myself looking [stalking] at the pile of wings at the table next to me because, like I said, that’s why you go. They put my lil sliders to shame.  So, yes, please, go to Bon Chon. With a group or dolo. But just get some soy garlic or spicy wings or drums or tenders. That’s it.  That is all.  Snapped some pics  per …

Toro Toro DC 

This is a special post for BloomFoodieChronicles.  It’s my first #masterdate of 2017!! Annnddd it marks two years almost to date that I started this whole masterdate thing, thanks to my mom flaking on me and my amazing Bobby Van’s $50 for $100 Groupon. *queue the orchestra* First, for those new to my blog. I adopted the masterdate concept from this picture: Ok. So. Once or 3 times a week. I am in the DC streets. At happy hour. Back to Toro Toro. Toro Toro has been on my list for a few months now. I heard about the truffle fries. I love some truffle fries. Though I masterdate year round, today bc it was disrespectfully cold, I was just going straight home.  I mean, I was. Anyway *side eye* I decided today was thee day I stopped in and experienced Toro Toro for myself. All I can say is: it’s.a.DC.must. Instant fav. All dat. Yes. Yasssss. #thatpart Happy hour. From 4Pm- 8PM. Yes, 8 PM! 🙂 Friendly bartenders. Good menu overall. Good drink options. …

Mango Tree 

It’s no secret – I lived @ Mango Tree located in City Center DC Alllllllll  #SummerSixteen.  I absolutely LOVE. This. Place.  Aside from it being So Cute. It’s also – So Good! Oh, AND – How about it has thee Best Happy Hour voted by Me.   4 PM to Close  thru Labor Day. Where [else] they do that at?! And no that wasn’t a typo. You’re welcome 🙂 Anywho… I grouped a few of my favorite visits in this one post.  I only sit at the bar. All food pictured is from their Bar Bites menu. My top food picks are the Sun Dried Pork and the Crispy Chicken Wings. SO GOOD!