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Toki Underground

So I’ll keep it all the way real with  you guys at this point. I invite myself to stuff. And I kinda won’t feel bad unless you of course tell me, no.  Like if you said you want to go to WTF (Woodward Takeout Food) – I’d say “Oh I’m going *side eye emoji eyeballs* I mean, you guys know I’m all for going to places by myself I’m the Guru Masterdater BUT some things are more fun with company. And such was the case for my Toki Underground experience.   I was at happy hour with some coworkers last week when one of my coworkers mentioned that they planned to go to Toki. Queue my foodie impulsiveness, “Oh, I’m going!”…. ” I mean, if that’s cool and all…”  Not really sure if he wanted me to tag along BUT hey – I had already started makin’ plans LOL. Which ramen, Yelp reviews, chopstick practice, you name it.   After all, a girl’s gotta be prepared. Made a 5:15 PM reservation but we were a little late …

67 Orange 

Tradition is tradition. Me + NYC + My Friends = Food, Drinks, Debates and Love Whenever I visit New York, my best friends and I try to make it an absolute point to hang out. Usually our thing is brunch before I leave to go back home but this time, we got a chance to do dinner! After a few text exchanges (ok maybe like 100 “so where are we going?! texts”), we decided on 67 Orange St.– a loungy SpeakEasy spot in Harlem. Walking up to the place, we  actually walked past it at first.  Turned around, walked back, and passed it [again]. Turned around and said, “Ok hold up, it should be right here. Damn GPS. Walked a little bit, passed it – sike just kidding.”  It was right in front of our faces [only in uber small, 7 pitch Times New Roman font]. Exactly. Small. Things that kinda caught me off guard initially was the extra narrow, slim tables for seating and the curtain that met you at the entrance ( but I’m guessing that …

Summer + Gelato 

“When I reminisce over you, my God.” Summer I miss you.  Let’s see, what do I want to talk about in this post?! Gelato is pretty self explanatory and needs no introduction. It’s just My friend Nicole introduced me to gelato a few years ago while she was visiting DC, and I’ve been hooked ever since!  I thought about naming this post something like “the battle of the gelatos” but that sounded corny in my head. So I opted against that.