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Overdue Brunch

First thing IS first. Hello * emoji waving hand * I hate to act like the reoccurring – pop-up out the blue after four months EX playing with your emotions like that but I guess I am hitting you with the “hey, miss you” post. * female shoulder shrug emoji *               My apologies. I’ll keep it short on the life update: I’m still good. Can’t believe Summer is coming to an end. But as someone who once struggled with transitions, I actually embrace the changing of seasons.  Even though I didn’t post that much this Summer, I continued with my usual  stuff – buying hair and skin products that look cool, practicing my new creative outlet – photography, mentoring some kids and trying to maintain balance. Speaking of balance – balance is brunch as far as this post goes. Especially since I call myself being on a budget for the last three months [ hey, listen. I had to.] Sooooo that sadly means I had to carefully think …

Toro Toro DC 

This is a special post for BloomFoodieChronicles.  It’s my first #masterdate of 2017!! Annnddd it marks two years almost to date that I started this whole masterdate thing, thanks to my mom flaking on me and my amazing Bobby Van’s $50 for $100 Groupon. *queue the orchestra* First, for those new to my blog. I adopted the masterdate concept from this picture: Ok. So. Once or 3 times a week. I am in the DC streets. At happy hour. Back to Toro Toro. Toro Toro has been on my list for a few months now. I heard about the truffle fries. I love some truffle fries. Though I masterdate year round, today bc it was disrespectfully cold, I was just going straight home.  I mean, I was. Anyway *side eye* I decided today was thee day I stopped in and experienced Toro Toro for myself. All I can say is: it’s.a.DC.must. Instant fav. All dat. Yes. Yasssss. #thatpart Happy hour. From 4Pm- 8PM. Yes, 8 PM! 🙂 Friendly bartenders. Good menu overall. Good drink options. …

2017 Winter Restaurant Week!

Listen: When Restaurant Week comes to DC, you go. Having participated in DC Restaurant Week for the last seven years now, I’ve developed a strategy: I prefer restaurants that allow you to pick from the full menu for the most part, and I go for the unique restaurants that give you a, well, unique, cool experience. This year my two choices came down to Acadiana or NOPA. Strictly due to availability, NOPA won. And I have to say: it.was.delicious. *queue the orchestra music* Ambiance was amazing. Staff was great. Vibe was chill but nice. What I ordered: Grilled Spanish Octopus Bistro Filet Steak “Frites” Chocolate Cheesecake Wine (not pictured) was Yorkville 2014 Malbec Per usual, I was “that” friend snappin’ pictures at the table. Until next time, eat good food 🙂 #bloomfoodischronicles